Quick tip for dry skin and chapped lips!



HONEY. So nice on pancakes but also good for your skin! Honey contains many healthy antioxidants and has healing attributes which will help heal the dryness on your face or lips. Use any type of honey but the more natural the better, but you can use any type you like (I use any!). I’ve tried it myself many times and it is a really natural and useful way to heal your skin quickly.


6 thoughts on “Quick tip for dry skin and chapped lips!

  1. Good advice but one problem is the price… would it be just as affective to use a cheap honey or would that defeat the point cos its probably more artificial? xx

    • Hey Gini, I got ‘Pure Squeezy Honey’ from Tesco for £1.50 and it says its 100% pure honey so just make sure you see the percentage and if it says it’s pure with no other ingredients it should be fine 🙂

    • Thank you nicola! yes honey has been used for centuries on dry skin and it is wonderful doesn’t matter whether it is runny or set. Apply some on your lips before bed so your less likely to lick them! 😀

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