4 ways to cure a hangover!

Your head hurts, your stomach feels like its doing tumble turns and overall you just don’t feel like yourself. Did you have a bit too much drink last night? (yes) You’ve put your body through a lot and it needs some help to recover. So, here I have for you some helpful tips to make you feel better on those not so great days.

1. FOOD AND WATER. It’s the night before and you’re barely able to get to bed. Before you do that, try and have something to eat and drink this will help to absorb less alcohol and flush it out quicker so you’ll feel so much better in the morning !

2. FRUIT AND HEALTHY STUFF. Your body has been drained of vitamins and and therefore lacking the energy that it needs. Fruit such as bananas and oranges will help give you energy and put all those great vitamins back in your system.

3. SLEEP. Make sure you get enough sleep your body feels really DRAINED so get enough of it (e.g. 10 hours)

4. COLD SHOWER/SWIMMING. This is definitely one I would try. The cold water on your skin really works your senses and makes you feel awake. (I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t drown unless you’re still drunk!)

So now you know stick to them!!! Much love!


Make your own pore strips!

Ok so this is kinda cheating because I haven’t made the video but I did make this and test this method out!!! and I have to say it did work. I really wanted to share this method with everyone and I hope you try it. It might not work for everyone but it certainly is an interesting method. So here it is:

What you need:

Plain Gelatine (not flavoured! it will stain your face…but it would be funny)


Clean paint brush or old make up brush

Glass or cup


Mix a tablespoon of gelatine with a tablespoon of milk in a cup/glass.

Place in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Test the mixture on the back of your hand to see if it’s not too hot.

Then using the brush spread the mixture on your nose or wherever you have blackheads.

Wait till it dries completely and peel.

Here’s the video by Michelle Phan:

Why you should make an avocado mask! (with step by step guide)

So avocados…you can eat them but why stop there? put them on your face!

I’ve been hearing about avocado masks for years and always wanted to try it but never knew what the fuss was about but now I’ve tried it 2 times and I can definitely tell you that I’m not disappointed! My skin was left with a soft, firm and moisturised feeling which is exactly how I want it to feel. For those of you that don’t know how great avocados are here’s some info:

Benefits of an avocado facial mask:

  •    Moisturises and softens skin
  •    Firms and tightens skin
  •    Full of antioxidants that help to maintain the appearance and health of your skin.
  •    Soothes dry skin (natural sunburn soother, great for eczema and psoriasis)

Vitamins in an avocado important for skin:

  •    Vitamin E which is very important for skin as it protects it from damage and helps boost cell regeneration.
  •    Vitamin C is also vital for your skin’s health as it helps produce collagen, an agent which is an important part of your skin’s healing, including scars and helps prevent ageing.

Avocados also contain sterolins (sometimes called plant steroids) which is why the oil has such an amazing moisturising effect and softens the skin so well. But don’t take my word for it try it out yourself, here’s a step by step to making an avocado mask:

Avocado Facial Mask Recipe/Guide

What you need:

  1. An avocado (half an avocado is definitely enough!)
  2. A table spoon
  3. Blender (if you don’t have one just mash it up with a fork)
  4. Bowl
  5. Chopping Board
  6. Knife
You can also add other ingredients to it such as honey or a healthy oil such as almond or extra virgin olive oil but it’s great on its own too. p.s. If you have any left over use it as a hair mask 🙂

The avocado has a big pit inside so you can’t slice it in half just slice around the pit.

Then twist and pull the avocado apart so you’re left with two pieces.

Then take the pit out and scoop all the avocado into a bowl.

Once you have your avocado in the bowl start blending/mashing the avocado until you get it as smooth as possible. (it doesn’t matter if it is a little lumpy.)

Wash your face and remove any make-up. Then apply it to your face and leave for 15 minutes. You may look, as my little brother put it, like someone sneezed and bogies went flying all over your face but it is definitely a beauty secret worth knowing. Enjoy!