4 ways to cure a hangover!

Your head hurts, your stomach feels like its doing tumble turns and overall you just don’t feel like yourself. Did you have a bit too much drink last night? (yes) You’ve put your body through a lot and it needs some help to recover. So, here I have for you some helpful tips to make you feel better on those not so great days.

1. FOOD AND WATER. It’s the night before and you’re barely able to get to bed. Before you do that, try and have something to eat and drink this will help to absorb less alcohol and flush it out quicker so you’ll feel so much better in the morning !

2. FRUIT AND HEALTHY STUFF. Your body has been drained of vitamins and and therefore lacking the energy that it needs. Fruit such as bananas and oranges will help give you energy and put all those great vitamins back in your system.

3. SLEEP. Make sure you get enough sleep your body feels really DRAINED so get enough of it (e.g. 10 hours)

4. COLD SHOWER/SWIMMING. This is definitely one I would try. The cold water on your skin really works your senses and makes you feel awake. (I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t drown unless you’re still drunk!)

So now you know stick to them!!! Much love!


Less is more? (with poll)

So, this is a bit different from my usual posts no beauty recipes this time sorry guys!

I was wondering what everyone thought about make-up, and is less really more? Do some people need as much make-up as they put on their faces? And also I was thinking about all the chemicals that cosmetics contain. I think  most people don’t  realise how many chemicals (many that have not been tested for their long-term effects!) are in their beauty products and that some of them are dangerous and contain carcinogens (agent that causes cancer.) I have NO idea what most of those long chemical names mean but yet I still put them on my face and trust these companies not to poison me. I do sometimes Google  these chemicals out of curiosity and find myself shocked by some of them. However, I really do enjoy wearing make-up but sometimes I think am I wearing too much of it?

Please share your views on the poll below about what you think!

Much love! J

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p.s. if you have any other views please share in the comments section 🙂

Quick tip for dry skin and chapped lips!



HONEY. So nice on pancakes but also good for your skin! Honey contains many healthy antioxidants and has healing attributes which will help heal the dryness on your face or lips. Use any type of honey but the more natural the better, but you can use any type you like (I use any!). I’ve tried it myself many times and it is a really natural and useful way to heal your skin quickly.

Best way to curl your hair! (includes step by step video)


This is such a quick and easy way to curl your hair, I can’t believe I only recently found out about it! If you do try it I recommend you do it with slightly damp hair and I mean to the point where your hair looks dry but feels a little damp still. That way your curls will hold better the next day. I hope you like the step by step video/slideshow that I made to show you how to do it. Enjoy!