What is your skin type?

I’ve only recently discovered which skin type I am (combination), but it is really good to know because that way you can follow a specific beauty regime according to your skin type and know what beauty products suit your skin best.  For example, if you have dry skin and you are using products aimed for oily skin then you’re not going to benefit your skin.  Use this guide to find your skin type.

Here are the 5 basic skin types:

Normal: Your skin has a great balance and is not too oily and not too dry. You are very lucky to have such wonderful skin which is usually soft and  smooth. Your skin still requires attention to keep it soft and smooth such as moisturising your face.

Dry: Your skin lacks moisture because it does not produce enough itself so therefore you need to keep it hydrated with healthy oils or creams and drinking lots of water.

Oily: Your skin looks shiny and feels greasy. It is also prone to spots and acne because of combination of the excess oil trapping dirt on your skin. A skin toner helps rid of excess oil. (you can make your own one if you like just leave a comment and I’ll tell you how)

Combination: The skin on your nose or your forehead is oily but you have dry areas on your face. This requires using different routines on the different parts of your skin, such as using a toner on the oily parts but moisturising the dry parts of your skin.

Sensitive: This could be all of the above but is simply irritated easily. Your skin benefits from natural and organic products and is sensitive to beauty products containing alcohol, synthetics and artificial ingredients.

So, what I would love to know now is what skin type you are?