Make your own pore strips!

Ok so this is kinda cheating because I haven’t made the video but I did make this and test this method out!!! and I have to say it did work. I really wanted to share this method with everyone and I hope you try it. It might not work for everyone but it certainly is an interesting method. So here it is:

What you need:

Plain Gelatine (not flavoured! it will stain your face…but it would be funny)


Clean paint brush or old make up brush

Glass or cup


Mix a tablespoon of gelatine with a tablespoon of milk in a cup/glass.

Place in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Test the mixture on the back of your hand to see if it’s not too hot.

Then using the brush spread the mixture on your nose or wherever you have blackheads.

Wait till it dries completely and peel.

Here’s the video by Michelle Phan: