Less is more? (with poll)

So, this is a bit different from my usual posts no beauty recipes this time sorry guys!

I was wondering what everyone thought about make-up, and is less really more? Do some people need as much make-up as they put on their faces? And also I was thinking about all the chemicals that cosmetics contain. I think  most people don’t  realise how many chemicals (many that have not been tested for their long-term effects!) are in their beauty products and that some of them are dangerous and contain carcinogens (agent that causes cancer.) I have NO idea what most of those long chemical names mean but yet I still put them on my face and trust these companies not to poison me. I do sometimes Google  these chemicals out of curiosity and find myself shocked by some of them. However, I really do enjoy wearing make-up but sometimes I think am I wearing too much of it?

Please share your views on the poll below about what you think!

Much love! J

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p.s. if you have any other views please share in the comments section 🙂